Smart URLs

Get your own service and good advice on how to best use short URLs.

Short, branded URLs are very useful if you’re practicing data-driven marketing:

  • They hide your campaign link’s UTM parameters
  • Allow you to share short, easy to read links
  • You can use them in your print material – for PURLs, for example
  • Allows your to edit them, expire them, view click reports and a whole lot more

About the solution

It’s a service we use ourselves. For example, redirects to this same page but with appended parameters – go on, give it a try 🙂

Some of our clients wanted them same so we packaged it up and are offering it to anyone who needs it.

Technically, the solution is an instance of WordPress running a redirection plugin. Hosted on a platform designed for high availability.

A key part of this solution – and perhaps the most valuable too –  is advice on how to structure short URLs in the context of your marketing campaigns and activities.

Price: $499 AUD per year

What is included

  • We help you find and register your own short domain name to use
  • Hosting on a one of the best providers in Australia offering 99.9% uptime
  • Set up, including Google Analytics integration
  • Access to reporting for each short URL
  • Our Guide to Link Tagging for Campaigns, as well as a smart spreadsheet to easily create them
  • Training and support