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The best marketing automation platform for startups and SMEs.

Grow a richer customer database

With ActiveCampaign you can to capture a wealth of information about your customers as they engage with you, tracking their email and website browsing behaviours, on top of the data they share with you via your lead gen forms.

With a richer data set your communications will be more personal, timely and much more effective.

Powerful marketing automation that is easy to build

Lead gen, nurture campaigns, triggered alerts, drip marketing, onboarding sequences… set them up once and let them run.

ActiveCampaign features a very easy to use canvas to quickly build powerful automations.

Broadcast data-driven email campaigns

Email remains one of the best performing channels and the rich customers data you collect helps you achieve even better results.

ActiveCampaign’s email campaigns allow you to personalise content for different audiences, track their actions and further optimise your efforts via A/B testing.

Manage any number of pipelines via a fully integrated CRM

Perfect for small B2B businesses who need an easy-to-use CRM that can be set up in minutes, and that is seamlessly integrated with the automation function. The latter is a BIG advantage: CRM integrations are usually a painful exercise. With ActiveCampaign… CRM is part of the product.

Stop using Excel to track your opportunities!

Go further: extend ActiveCampaign via apps, integrations & API

If you need to pull data in and out of ActiveCampaign, or complement its core functions, then you can count on over 150 integrations.

Including ‘deep data’ integrations with a number of eCommerce systems.

A mature set of APIs allows developers to extend ActiveCampaign even further.

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