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Your secret weapon to cut though IT's red tape.

ActiveCampaign is not a replacement for Salesforce, Marketo or whatever IBM is calling their marketing platform these days.

It’s for the smaller projects that you need to get going ASAP.

Rather than wait for IT to deliver on their 18 month roadmap (that, inevitably, will become 36).

Read more about this: Why Enterprise should consider ActiveCampaign too.

With ActiveCampaign you can get going quickly for:

  • Lead gen for your microsite
  • Setting up a pipeline for your outreach efforts
  • Internal, personalised email comms
  • Onboarding new staff

ActiveCampaign goes beyond email marketing and marketing automation. You can create all sorts of pipelines in the Deals section to help you streamline your processes (without having to wait for SalesForce to be implemented).

How we help Enterprise

  • We help you make the right choice: is ActiveCampaign right for you? How will it fit in your organisation's platform ecosystem?
  • We'll have you make the business case
  • Process: we're more disciplined than more large organisations
  • An implementation plan
  • We'll a plan a strategy that complements your existing strategies
  • Training, handover and ongoing support
  • Project management


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