ActiveCampaign for Startups

You don’t have legacy to worry about and are as agile as you’ll ever be.

Get a powerful marketing machine up and running quickly. Without breaking the bank.

Many of the big-name platforms sell themselves on an idea that their solution transform every facet of your business.

But they don’t tell you that it’s going to take you months and cost you a small fortune.

You’re starting up. You need to get going quickly and your money is better spent generating and converting leads.

Park the big platform idea for when your business is ready for it.

With ActiveCampaign you can get going in no time,and for a fraction of the price.

As you consider building your own minimum viable product, let this simple rule suffice: remove any feature, process, or effort that does not contribute directly to the learning you seek.

-- Eric Ries, the lean startup

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