Reboot your digital efforts in 2017

12 January 2017
By Lawrence Ladomery | News

The Digital Reboot solution is aimed squarely at organisations that need to replace their underperforming website but also need help to set up a framework to manage it all.

I’ve worked mostly on the client side and know very well that building a new website is just a part of a bigger picture. Websites need to be managed: there is content to publish, pages and functions to add over time and the ‘plumbing’ behind the scenes to maintain.

Even WordPress needs attention on a regular basis — if you don’t update its plugins in a timely fashion you risk being hacked.

This takes valuable time and resources away from what generates value: engaging with customers in a meaningful way.

Working with data adds a layer of sophistication on top of all this. It requires discipline: I also tell prospective clients that data-driven marketing is akin software development.

Get it right, though, and you’ll punch well above your weight.

This is the thinking behind the Digital Reboot Solution. To deliver a website optimised for generating business as well as the systems and processes to manage every facet of a digital operation.

A customer database at the heart of the solution

If you’re still capturing enquiries and emails in your inbox you’re handling your most valuable assets in a very inefficient way.

Get CRM so you’re capturing a wealth of data about your customers and have the tools to engage with them efficiently and at scale. We use ActiveCampaign because it integrates CRM and powerful marketing automation tools.

Submit the form below are you’re added to a dedicated sales pipeline and you’ll receive a series of emails to try and push you to have a conversation over the phone with me.

This solution delivers this.

A website alone won’t help

We’ll put together a 3 month plan to announce your new custom-built website and promote your products and services. Execute it and look at the numbers every week.

We can’t promise X number of leads or even a high conversion rate. But we’ll be looking at the analytics closely with you, learning, iterating and improving results.

By the end of the three month period you will have learnt what works and what doesn’t. The data will show you which segments perform well and which are not worth investing in.

Working in the cloud (and a free laptop)

We’ll buy a Chromebook right at the start and use it to manage the whole process. We’ll save documentation and files in a dedicated G Suite account and link to the various cloud tools.

Once the project is complete we’ll hand over the laptop. Think of it as the command center of your digital operations.

All good, but how much does this all cost?

$18,500 AUD. A figure based on more than 180 hours worth of work, much of it strategic — we’re not just buying a WordPress theme on Envato and adding your logo.

A better comparison would be the cost of a similar solution offered by a specialist agency like Datarati or Digital Alchemy. They’re good, by the way. Particularly the former – if you can afford them give Will-Scully Power a call.

What next? Please read the small print

Download the brochure to read up about the solution in more detail as well as the ‘small print’ which explains what’s in and out of scope.