(Re)Introducing automatico

11 October 2016
By Lawrence Ladomery | News

Welcome to automatico’s new website. It replaces the one-pager I set up when we launched in January this year with a ton of more detail and an original design that better represents our brand. In this post I cover the ‘what’ and ‘why’ beyond what you can read on the site and try to articulate the vision for automatico.

There are a couple of themes that persist through the site and what I talk about when meeting prospects, clients and fellow digital folk.

The first one is about empowering SMEs with data-driven marketing capabilities, and my argument here is that you don’t have to be Telstra or Coles to benefit from data.

The second theme relates to our focus market and our desire to work ‘hyperlocally’. In other words, to serve businesses of the same community where we live and word.

Home is where the heart is (and work too)

Now, I have clients in far away places like the US and Italy and I’m open to working with anyone who has an interesting project (and where there is a fit).

But I also think that there are strategic and commercial benefits from positioning automatico as a valuable digital resource in the City of Manningham in Melbourne.

Why should a local business work with an agency in CBD when they can get as great service from another one a 5 minute drive away? The relationship is very different when you can can talk about local matters too.

The same applies to us too: our model relies on partnering up with other experts to fill gaps in our own offering and we’ll always try to source the right minds locally too.

The other reason for my desire to focus on Manningham is a personal one. I was born and raised in Italy, went to University and worked in the UK and eventually made my way to Australia via Taiwan. It’s hard for me to identify myself as this or the other. No one can quite place my accent.

So I’m keen to settle down in a community which is as much as a cultural melting pot as I am. A good place for my family and where I can call home for a long time.

Next, let’s talk about data

I started working in digital back 1998 and have witnessed quite a few trends and ‘tectonic shifts’. I remember when ‘blogs’ didn’t exist and the pre-Facebook days when people were embarrassed to chat online.

Today data is facilitating a major change in how businesses and people are interacting, helping shape more relevant and personal experiences.

For marketers, the opportunity is to provide better value and cut down the noise, and save money by doing so.

I started working with data in 2012 while working for a software Co. and after that, on complex data-driven projects for a couple of major banks, a global travel Co. and a big retailer here. Complex stuff costing a lot of time, money and resources.

As I tackled these projects the idea formed in my head that smaller businesses could benefit too from the same strategies too. But only if a) the tech were affordable and b) complexities would be kept at bay.

ActiveCampaign instantly solves the former. It’s an exceptional product at an exceptional price. Other can plug into it and extend its power.

Complexities can be managed with the right strategies in place, planning and adopting a disciplined modus operandi. For this we have developed our own processes, templates and use tools to manage projects and communicate clearly. These are working practices of the modern era (and I’ll cover this in more detail in a separate post).

The other benefit business gain from embracing data relates to digital operations. It forces you to be disciplined and to base your decisions on insight rather than opinion, and to handle with care.

The way I see it, it’s as much about what isn’t done as what is done.

This is why our projects always start with strategy and planning and always include analytics. From a project management perspective, we run more like software development build than your typical marketing campaign.

The future: a distributed network of automaticos

The first goal is to establish automatico in the local area and grow a sustainable portfolio of clients.

Following this, to replicate the model for another area of Melbourne as an independent instance but drawing on the resources and operational know-how of the original one.

And so on.

So, rather than aspire to become a big agency with a big office the vision is more like a peer-to-peer network of lean consultancies embedded in the communities they serve.

About – the technicalities

For those who are interested in content & code…

It’s a WordPress site with a heavily customised Stockholm theme.

Content has been developed to be informative, engaging, and so that our analytics can tell us a ‘story’ about you as you navigate it.

Only time will tell us whether the above actually works or not. We’ll be iterating, no doubt.

Our instance of ActiveCampaign is tracking you. The moment you submit a form we’ll know what you have looked at. We’ll use this info to be more useful to you.

Which is why we invite you to provide feedback via our contact page 😉

Not quite the elevator pitch

I’ll have to work on condensing the above into a couple of sentences. Or maybe a nice infographic to represent the same. Thanks for making it to this point, though.

If you’re interested in our services find the right content for your type of Co. on the Who We Work With page.

If you’re based near us why not have a chat over a coffee at l’Affogato in Tunstall square? I hear that the owners may be selling it so there is a present and immediate risk of Manningham losing its best espresso.