What We Do

Digital Operations

How are you managing your digital efforts? Are they running like a well oiled machine? More likely, they have been planned as an afterthought.

You’ve been handed your shiny new website and a set of tools to manage it, a lot of ideas and a little training.

Now what?

A plan for managing your digital ops should be a key deliverable of any major project, and cover the three Ps: people, platforms and processes.

Operate without a plan and digital becomes expensive to service.

And a good plan will follow the ‘keep it simple’ rule as much as possible too.

This is not just about efficiency but about continuity and mitigating the risk of your businesses suffering if a major disaster strikes.

Our approach

  • We consider operations at the very beginning of a project, in the Discovery phase
  • A model can only work if someone takes full ownership and accountability for a business’ digital operations
  • Processes, instructions are guidelines are documented and made accessible via cloud-based tools
  • Training covers both the high level strategy and processes that underpin it
  • We deliver plans for digital operations but can help businesses on an ongoing basis too