What We Do

Strategy & Planning

Data-driven marketing is powerful and full of promise, but a complex affair too — you need to start with a solid strategy and a plan.

Ten years ago all you needed was a website and some SEO to generate some good leads, also because half of your competitors didn’t have digital presence.

Today digital is a much more fragmented and competitive space, and it has also empowered your customers with am incredible wealth of information base their decisions on. It’s not an easy sell anymore.

Data is your ‘super power’. Without it you have a limited understanding of your customers and their needs.

Instead, a well executed data-driven strategy will engage and delight them. This is a better way of doing business.

With the great opportunities there are challenges too, which is why strategy and planning are essential.

Or you risk building a machine that, like an old beat up car, remains slow and expensive to service.

Our approach

  • Our projects kick off with a Discovery Phase that looks at existing strategies and how they are performing
  • Key work is around customer segments, the ‘buyer journeys’, and what tactics to adopt to engage with them in a meaningful way
  • We then select the right tech and define a framework for data-driven marketing
  • A roadmap addresses the immediate needs in the context of the longer term goals
  • We Analyse, learn, tweak, improve and… the start over