Email Analytics

Analytics shouldn’t be an afterthought and the metrics you track should be true measures of how your email marketing is affecting the bottom line.


  • Scorecards
  • Analytics Framework
  • Tagging Strategies
  • Data Management
  • Dashboards
  • Analysis

Is you email marketing $$$ paying off? Are you able to tell?

Email marketing platforms provide a solid set of metrics but the key here is to reconcile your efforts with our business’ KPIs.

Using dashboard to make sense of the numbers and keeping away from Excel.

How can we help?

  • We review your KPIs and put together scorecards based on key metrics
  • We set up tracking, a tagging strategy and a platform to capture and analyse email data
  • Data needs love too — we can help you keep it nice and clean
  • Your management will want to see reports that are easy to read and feature key metrics: dashboards are perfect for this
  • We can also look at the data and report back on anything important