Email Marketing

Consider this: email delivers the highest ROI compared to other channels, and it even beats social by 40x for customer acquisition.


  • Strategy
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • List Sign-Up & Growth
  • Data Cleansing & Management
  • Email Template Production
  • Broadcasting & Deliverability
  • Analytics

(As reported by VentureBeat and McKinsey.)

Just think of the number of times you’ve signed up for a  newsletter or free trial and given permission to be marketed to.

We all complain about spam and cluttered inboxes, but have a think about those emails that you do notice and open. And the ones you delete? Even with zero engagement those brands will have reminded you about them.

Email is old school but you know what? It works.

And remember this too: when you’re growing an email list you’re building up a database that has a real, tangible value.

How can we help?

  • We like to start by working with clients on a simple strategy to get going quickly — a minimum viable product. Setting up, in the process, the operational framework to scale.
  • This can be a newsletter, a campaign or even a simple enquiry form and the subsequent autoresponder.
  • If you already have a system in place we can work with you to make it more effective.