Marketing Automation

More than just working on autopilot — marketing automation is about making smart use of data to be more relevant to your customers.


  • Strategy
  • Data Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Automation Design, Build & Testing
  • Asset Production
  • Analytics

Using a platform such as ActiveCampaign you can be more relevant to your audience and reach them in a timely way.

For example:

  • An email triggered by a user abandoning a shopping cart
  • Birthday wishes with a discount code
  • An onboarding sequence of emails after they have signed up for a service

Sales will also appreciate lead scoring and CRM functionality to track prospects through the buying cycle.

And yes, much of this can be set on autopilot.

How can we help?

  • First, by reviewing your segments and the personas you need to target
  • From this, we determine how the customer database needs to be set up
  • We’ll then build automations to help achieve specific objectives, starting with a simple one — a quick win
  • Training and support (because this stuff gets complex)