About automatico

What we do

We help businesses get marketing automation right with ActiveCampaign

We translate your objectives into a plan to successfully implement ActiveCampaign.

In other words, all the planning most businesses fail to do before diving into complex projects such as setting up marketing automation.

We work with companies that haven’t yet implemented ActiveCampaign or are happy to revisit and overhaul their existing set up.

Following a framework and methodology that delivers quick wins as well as a solid foundation to build on.

What we deliver

  • A strategy and a roadmap to deliver it
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • A Data Dictionary and platform ecosystem model
  • An implementation plan
  • Database and platform set-up
  • A framework for analytics
  • Training
  • Project management

Do you execute too?

No – we want to keep our focus on strategy and planning.

Our clients usually have resources in-house or already work with a trusted developer, who can easily learn how to use ActiveCampaign. Alternatively, we can recommend developers who we have worked with before.

We’ll handle project management to make sure that whoever is executing is following the plan and testing, testing and testing.

Following delivery of a project we’ll be happy to provide ongoing consultancy to oversee your efforts.

How much will it cost and how long will it take to wrap up?

We’ll be following a framework and work off a methodology that we have fine tuned over the years. We’ll keep things lite and agile too; our quotes will reflect that.

As a ballpark, projects tend to take two to five weeks to deliver and cost AUD $3,500 and above. There are also some expenses related the tools we use for the project. Our rate for consultancy is AUD $180 an hour.

Feel free to get in touch for a more precise quote.

Modus operandi

We work 100% remotely and make use of online tools for documentation, collaboration, project management and analytics.  

Next steps

Get in touch and let us know more about your project. We’ll reach out to organise a quick call to see if there’s a fit and options to move forward.


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