Does your marketing project really need that pricey enterprise-grade marketing automation platform?

When we talk to large organisations we recommend they look at solutions such as Marketo and Hubspot. We know these well from a past life.

But big organisations can benefit from leaner approaches too. Not every project needs to cost over 100K and take months to deliver.

This is often true too: organisations end up using a fraction of a high-end solution’s functions. The same same functions are offered by low-cost options such as ActiveCampaign.

So worth having a chat if you’re open to a small-scale engagement. If anything, you’ll get an alternative view on complex marketing tech.

How we help Enterprise

  • We can build a proof of concept model for marketing automation to help make the business case for a more significant investment
  • There may not big budget available or the scope of the project may be small
  • Data-driven marketing tactics may suit other functions. For example, a HR microsite that tracks content candidates are looking at (and scores them on that)
  • We can advise on process and governance too, which are company-size agnostic (data needs to be kept clean whether there are 1,000 or 100,000 records in a database)