You don’t have legacy to worry about and are as agile as you’ll ever be. The opportunity is to get the ‘plumbing’ right from the start.

A word of advice: don’t think ‘I need a website’. Instead, think about a high performing marketing capability should look like and what you need to scale your businesses.

Indeed, your website will be part of a model comprising multiple strategies, tactics and channels. Data should tie it all together and allow you to be more effective with less resources.

So put a database at the heart of this framework. Because business is about people and the interactions you have with them, and a database is a much more efficient way to manage these then your inbox.

Set the foundation now, right at the start of your venture. It will be harder to do so when you’re bigger.

How we help start-ups

  • We recognise that start-ups and solopreneurs have limited budgets, but make make up for that with energy, time and creativity.
  • Thus, we take an advisory role by sharing our knowledge, processes and systems and help start-ups to ‘self-serve’ as much as possible.
  • Our Start-Up Smart package delivers a Minimum Viable Product to get started with data-driven marketing; it’s a foundation piece designed to scale.
  • We rely on cost effective tech. The platform we use  is Active Campaign and starts at just $9 USD a month.